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DATAformXTension 6 version history
DATAformXTension 6 version history

DATAformXTension 650 (26) Aug 2007
- fixes a problem with the XPress function "Collect for Output" on multi user systems (QLA).

DATAformXTension 650 (25) April 2007
- behavior of *,"1" has been changed. *,"1" now takes care that an additional page after the target page exists always - if not it will be created. Until now this was the case for left double sided pages only, see description at 650(11) below.

DATAformXTension 650 (22) July 2006
- supports QuarkXPress 6.5.2

-DATAformXTension 650 (21) May 2006
- New optional picture location on import: pictures will also be found residing beside the imported DATAformTags file.
- Too short lines (below 1pt) will be enlarged automatically.

DATAformXTension 650 (19) Jan 2006
New parameter for *Z Picture Position – *Z plus 10 - reset values on update.
Until now Picture Positions via *Z1 to *Z4 are skipped while updating a picture -
manual scaling and movements are preserved instead.
By the values *Z10 to *Z14 (viz old values plus 10) *Z scaling on updating is enforced.
This is the case for other properties as well like picture color, shade, angle, skew etc.
By *Z plus 10 all these porperties are reset on updating a picture.

DATAformXTension 650 (18) Nov 2005
- Setting a box font by *1"font name" did not work in QuarkXPress 6.
- Updating a box content by *F0 did not preserve the box font.
Both functions have been fixed.

DATAformXTension 650 (17)
- DATAform.PTH
The new function enables you to use another folder as DATAform folder. Usually the DATAform folder
within the QuarkXPress folder is used for communictaion with the database. In a file sharing enviroment
with network volumes and right management it might be appropriate to use a different folder mostly
on a non local volume.
To achieve this put a text file named "DATAform.PTH" into the old DATAform folder. The file contains
the path to the desired folder, e.g.: Harddisk:folder:MyDATAformFolder or F:\folder\MyDATAformFolder
On startup of QuarkXPress DATAformXTension looks for this folder. If it exists it will be used for all
further actions targeting DATAform folder.

DATAformXTension 650 (14)
- For QuarkXPress 6.5 (6.1 is no longer supported).

- On creating new layers "Supress printout" is set according to QuarkXPress 6.5.

- Adjusting the heights of text boxes is less tolerant: until now there was a tolerance of 0.7pt, from now on 0.1pt only.

- Loading a picture beside the QuarkXPress document (path is the name only) works again for documents on a network volume.

DATAformXTension 650 (11)
- For QuarkXPress 6.1 to 6.5

- Text box import approximately 70% faster; local import in general takes approximately half of the time.

- Feature „handbrake“: Option key pressed during import reduces the import speed - for controlling or demonstration. Command and shift key, additionally pressed, increase the effect.

- New Tag *, (asterisk-comma) Preferences =>
Works towards QuarkXPress only, is not exported.

*,"1" means: DATAformXTension creates an additional right page automatically if the project is double sided and if *p would create a left page as the last one. Double sided pages are therefore created pairwise always.

*,"0" or missing Tag: No additional page will be created.

- The dialogue for not found pictures was not drawn properly under certain circumstances. This has been fixed.

DATAformXTension 611 (10)
MacOS X: Import from clipboard did not work. This has been fixed.

DATAformXTension 611 (9)
A problem with <Document>.qxp has been fixed. Because QuarkXPress 6 is using qxp
for documents, projects. Now the whole file name will get the extension. The corresponding DATAform file
to "MyDoc.qxp" e.g. is "MyDoc.qxp.qxp".

- DATAform demo was running 20 instead of 60 minutes each. This has been fixed.

DATAformXTension 610 (7)
- Compatibel with QuarkXPress 6.1

DATAformXTension 600 (5)
The commad adjust box height, resp. *Delta, now adjusts anchored text boxes too.

DATAformXTension 600 (4)
Loosing DATAform object ID on undoing a change. This has been fixed.

DATAformXTension 600 (2)
The tag *T107 exports the full path to the QuarkXPress project file; before the name only.
See developer handbook Page_102.html

- New Tag *z Bildausschnitt
See developer handbook Page_92.html